Re-invent Your Photography By Refuelling Your Creativity

Finding it hard to find motivation, inspiration and be creative? It could be because you forgot how to take a real break and play.

At times we all get so engrossed in what we do, be it photography or other creative outlets, so obsessed with producing more more more, that the quality of our work suffers and we can end up questioning it all.

Don’t let doubt set in and take a guilt free break of a day, a week or even a month… whatever is needed to recharge that creative reservoir we all have inside which can sometimes run dry.

Creativity is fuelled by the ability to play and experiment, sometimes with what seems like the most silly idea. Some of the best urban photos I've produced were when I set out with no particular goal, through fiddling around with unusual photography techniques such as double exposures, deliberate camera movement, etc… 

If you’re reading this you probably know me for my London urban landscape photography or street photography. I do however dabble in other visual arts. I always have and always will.

At least once a year, I tend to run out of steam on the photography front, even if it’s a passion, it can be hard work always coming up with something new. So I allow myself to stop for a moment and reflect, call it a holiday. In my case it can last a week up to a month and it's generally around December/January, typically slow months anyway on the business front.

I allow myself to explore different practices which can actually benefit my photography in the long run. I guess there are a lot of transferable skills useful across disciplines. These can be composition, use of light, Photoshop tools, etc…

A passion of mine is digital work using Photoshop CC and a recently got myself a Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet. It's turning my workflow upside down but in a good way.

I’m not very good at sticking labels on what I create but I guess it’s a mix of graphic design, e-collages / digital collages, retro posters, photo montages, use of typography… All can be grouped under the digital arts umbrella. 

There is no aim other than to have fun so I’m not too concerned if I’m the only one enjoying what I come up with.

The best is probably to show you what I do when I'm not out there shooting:


When we take/make photos and post process them in Photoshop it's easy to get into a routine and stop learning new techniques.

Even on a break, my camera is never far, it's in my bag next to my desk as I'm writing, "just in case".

But what I find when I step away from photography is that I learn new things and explore other ideas. I'm also more relaxed which is key as stress blocks ideas like a brick wall. By experimenting and not following any rules I find my inner child again and play is, to me, the key to creating better.

How do you recharge your batteries and enhance your creativity?

Share your tips!