New Website: Great Things To Do

I’m sure if you follow me or my wife @thegooddenlife on Twitter or elsewhere you now know a little about our new project/website called Great Things To do.

Great Things to Do is us turning a page. We’re leaving London after many many years for a simpler life in the country.

Some dream it, we’re doing it.


London is a great place and I’d be last to be seen complaining everyday about it, after all people pay a fortune to come here on holiday. I’m just of the opinion that anyone unhappy in London should leave, it’s not a good place to be unhappy in.

Our decision is driven by a few main factors.

First we just cannot afford living here anymore, and yet we make a decent wage. 

It’s just too costly and all you do is find a job that allows you to afford life until the next pay, barely. And you end up feeling Groundhog Day’ish.

So instead we’ll earn definitely less but it’ll be from our passion, photography, food, travel, all gathered in one place: Great Things To Do.

We will have a lot more time, resulting in us being able to focus a lot more on our creativity and marketing our business (yes it takes time).

We also got married a couple years ago and I was raised as a small kid in the French country-side in a village of 80 people. We will have children and there’s no way I’m raising kids in London, unaware of the planet they live on and the respect it commands.

Being raised in the country made me who I am today.

I have a love for nature you can only develop when in direct contact with nature. This is directly what made me become a photographer. I was trained to see beauty from an early age.

I say hello to strangers in the streets. You can’t do that in London, but in a village you can and you should.

I am also disgusted on a daily basis by the amount of rubbish I throw away and packaging imposed on us by supermarkets.

So moving to the country will allow us to grow our own veg for a large part of the year, make compost from our organic leftovers, raise happy free-range chicken, recycle better, upcycle unloved old things…

By buying less from supermarkets we’ll be able to reduce our footprint.

It all may seem like some hippy utopia, but we’re not dreaming it, we’re doing it. A detached house in the middle of nowhere with a big garden for half what we pay for our tiny 2 bed flat in London.

And we’re going to document this move and life-change on the way.

I’m actually a trained chef so will be focusing a lot more on my passion for cookery and food photography. We’ll travel a lot more too and report via our blog on Great Things To do.

In November we are invited by the local tourism of Hainan Island in China for a discovery trip.

And finally our everyday inspiration in changing our lives, all the things or people who inspire us will all be documented.

We’ll miss London, a bit, but we’re definitely ready for this new chapter and hope you'll join us along the way.

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Nico and Chrystall