IPhone 7 alternative - The ZTE Axon 7 Camera Phone

Last month my old HTC One M8 finally died. First the speaker gave up meaning I couldn’t receive or hear calls anymore. Kind of a problem when a phone can't receive calls anymore, wouldn't you agree?

Then the camera started acting funny, making weird noises a phone never should.

I’m always stunned how gadgets seem to have a programmed life limit which seems to coincide with the final payment!

So here I am facing a few options, one being to give my hard earned cash again to O2 to provide me with an over-priced phone (Samsung S7 or iPhone 7) which surely will let me down soon.

The other option is to look at cheaper alternatives. Surely there is someone out there who produces quality and feature packed phones for less money?

So what is the best iPhone 7 alternative?


In June I came across the soon-to-be-released Axon 7 by ZTE.


I know, never heard of them right? At least here in Europe…

Well ZTE is a Chinese company and is starting to make waves, and understandably so!

At around £240, the 32gb unlocked ZTE Axon 7 (64gb in Asia) costs half the price of flagship handsets, yet roughly offering the same specs.


It is actually a recommended phone by Tech Radar.

What do I love about it?

Gorgeous all-metal design competing easily with Samsung S7 and iPhone 7.

Runs on Android.

Great slow mo video up to 240fps.

And then the sound quality. It kicks ass. BIG sound coming out of this phone’s front facing speakers. When I first got it, I played some tunes on it in my flat only to realise an hour later that I still am and haven’t even bothered switching to my plugged in speakers.

It’s THAT good and in my opinion it's strongest selling point aside from the beautiful 5.5 inch screen that is as crisp as a winter’s morning (means it’s VERY crisp!)

Obviously the camera is an aspect I’m keen on and it does not disappoint. It’s really super sharp, although in ideal light condition, less so in low light where the quality does degrade.

I like that it has a fully manual mode where everything from ISO to shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted.

Dual Sim. Indeed, many of us have two phones, sometimes because of work. This phone will save you carrying two phones. Pretty sweet I think.

32bg memory can be extended via the use of a micro SD, up to 128gb (no can do on Iphone)

What I like less?

The low light capabilities. In high ISO the quality isn’t the best. But then it’s a common problem with phone sensors.

Other than that I'm currently experiencing a constant crash with the Boomerang app in particular. I have a feeling it's phone specific as it's a new release and not one of the bigger brands. I expect it'll take an update or two of the app for it to work consistently on this phone.


I needed a cheap yet super capable phone and found the AXON7 which delivers way beyond my expectations.

I'm in no way a phone reviewer but thought I'd share with everyone details on a phone costing half what other high spec phones cost.

To me it's a no-brainer and highly recommended.