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When not taking photos of London or portraits of Londoners I’m also the Founding Editor of Street Photography London, street photographers’ community and blog.

Now in our third year the blog has gained recognition the world over from street photographers but also simply people interested in photography.


Our mission is simple.

“To feature the best street photographers globally through interviews we publish and through our street photography gallery.”

We can be found on Twitter where we’ve built a very involved community and where we re-tweet the most interesting street photography from our international network.

We’re of course also on Instagram.

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Some of our most read recent articles have been:

What makes great street photography?” - We asked no less than 14 international street photographers to share their thoughts

6 International street photographers tell us “Why choose black and white in street photography?

So if you love photography or/and London come pay us a visit and let’s see where this exciting new year takes us!