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My name's Nico, I'm a writer and a professional London photographer specialised mostly in creating exciting visual content for global brands, including FTSE100 companies.

A key thing I do is stay up to date with the latest marketing and photography trends to then get these two to meet in a happy place. 

For that reason I offer a catalogue of new ideas and techniques often the result of late night experiments in my studio.

Visual assets I produce include:


This variety ensures my clients are never 1) bored 2) left behind their competitors.

And with over 92,000 followers on Twitter alone, of which 50% are in the UK and 25% in the US, any project I undertake benefits from this significant social "amplification".

2014: Listed in the global Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers

2015: Listed in the 20 Most Influential Street Photographers

2016: the Top 20 UK Photographers on the Web.

2018: Ranked 4 in the Top 100 UK Photography Blogs

This leads to many invitations as a social media influencer to events and travel destinations.

Aside from my personal and commercial photography, I enjoy writing about photography, food and travel, sharing my experience and useful tips.

For that reason with a few other social media influencers in our network we've launched a brand new website called Great Things To Do

Articles I write and the photography I produce are regularly featured by leading international publications including Time Out, The Guardian, Evening Standard, The Huffington Post, Creative Review, FStoppers, PetaPixel, Digital Rev and many more.

My street photography has been exhibited both in London (Proud Galleries, Hoxton Hotels, Drakes & Morgan Bars) but also internationally (W Hotel in Barcelona). 

Many of my limited edition prints exist in private collections here in the UK and abroad.

My clients include: