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SCIENCES PO - Photo featured in Sciences Po’s latest publication, “Atlas de L’Anthropocene”


BRITISH PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2019 - Announced the award at The Savoy for “Best Landscape Photographer 2019”.

DIY PHOTOGRAPHY - "The 10 Commandments Of Twitter For Photographers"

AFFINITY (IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE) - "The Questions You Should Be Asking Every Photography Client"

DIY PHOTOGRAPHY - "13 Questions To Ask A Client Ahead Of A Photography Job"

DIGITAL CAMERA MAG (UK's Top Selling Photography Publication) - Print, 02/18. "200th Issue - 200 tips and tricks"


STREET HUNTERS - "10 Tips For Success With Social Media: Street Hunters Interview Nicholas Goodden"

THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ANGLE CHARITY - "Interview: Urban Photographer Nico Goodden"

TIME OUT LONDON - Print, 07/17. "How to take better sunset photos"


THE PHOBLOGRAPHER - "How Photographers Plan to Step-up Their Game in 2016"

LA NOIR IMAGE - Interview

THE PHOBLOGRAPHER - "Does the Camera Matter in Photography?"



ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHER - Issue 57 "16 Page Street Special"

EPHOTOZINE - "Urban Landscape Photographer Nicholas Goodden Interview"

F-STOP LOUNGE - "The State of Mirrorless, Ep. 019 – Nicholas Goodden"

STREET HUNTERS - "20 Most Influential Street Photographers 2015"

CREATIVE BOOM - "Honest black and white street photography reveals the eccentric and extraordinary side of London"

EVENING STANDARD - "Street Photography Celebrates Ordinary Londoners"

FLIPBOARD MAGAZINES - "Spotlight: Photographer Nicholas Goodden"

ISO 400 - THE PHOBLOGRAPHER PODCAST - Video Interview Nico Goodden

THE PHOBLOGRAPHER - "How Famous Street Photographers Got Over Their Fear of Shooting on the Street"

PHOTOSHELTER - "The Inspiration Handbook: 50 Tips From 50 Photography Trailblazers"

THE PHOBLOGRAPHER - "How 8 Famous Photographers Have Changed Over The Past Year"

THE COMMISSION MAGAZINE - "Minimalist Urban Photography"

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER - "November 29 Issue"

PHOTOSHELTER - "How This London Photographer Got 70,000 Followers on Twitter"

THE PHOBLOGRAPHER - "Most of my Paid Photography Jobs Have Come Through Twitter"

MIRRORLESSONS - "An Interview with Nicholas Goodden"

THE PHOBLOGRAPHER - "Nicholas Goodden’s Unusual Take on Street Photography with Pixelated People"

VIEWBUG - "A Conversation With Guest Judge Nicholas Goodden"

EYE-FI - "Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers"

SHOTKIT - "Nicholas Goodden's Camera Bag"

HUFFINGTON POST - "Street Photography London - Wonderful, Unexpected Snapshots of the City"

INSPIRED EYE - "Interview With Nicholas Goodden"

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE - "Nico Goodden Featured Photographer"

LONDON ON THE INSIDE - "Londoner #43: Nicholas Goodden"

LONDONIST - "Nicholas Goodden's Futuristic Photographs of London"