Beavertown Brewery

Cinemagraphs, Timelapse photography and Light Painting photography produced for one of the fastest growing craft beer brewery in London leading the craft beer revolution.

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"Totally blown away by Nico’s capabilities. After coming by for a photoshoot of our shiny new brewery (which we used to great avail over the whole of our launch) he then introduced us to “Cinemagraphs,” which have proved an incredible addition to our shiny new website. The guy is a total swiss army knife, able of covering any visual requirements thrown his way."

Nick Dwyer - Creative Director - Beavertown Brewery

The Never-Ending Pour - Cinemagraph


Beavertown Taproom London - Timelapse


Beavertown Brewery London - Cinemagraph


Beavertown Production - Cinemagraph