Biggest Crowdsourced London Timelapse Ever #lapselondon

On 06/12/14, Triggertrap gathered 40 photographers, Nicholas Goodden & Chad Gordon Higgins to create the biggest crowdsourced London timelapse shot in a day.

The day started with a couple of talks. Chad showed us some rather mind blowing examples of timelapse he did and is currently working on. And for my part as an urban photographer specialising in London landscapes and street photography, I gave a talk including some composition advice and best London photography location tips.

Over 35,000 frames were shot before edit, the guys n girls at Triggertrap did their magic and the result is EPIC. In my eyes the most interesting concept and best London timelapse.

Keep an eye out for our bit (me and my fiancee/assistant)... 00:32 to 00:38, the double decker bus zooming through London's Oxford Street, Park Lane and Hyde Park Corner and then backwards. We had it easy, sat down on the top deck of bus number 10 with crisps and drinks!

Thanks to everyone involved, Triggertrap for including me and for the hard work and help. It was a day to remember and I cannot wait to do it again.


Interesting to see the "behind the scenes" and how it was done too with interviews of the London photographers involved.


If you have an interest in timelapse, I recommend checking out Triggertrap, a fantastic timelapse app and piece of kit.