London Graffiti + Street Art Photography

Ephemeral by nature, London’s graffiti and street art can be documented and in some way preserved through the medium of photography. 

I actually got into photography initially because, I guess, I wanted to document graffiti and street art, London being such a top location for artists it’s no surprise really (and I’m talking about a little more than just Banksy). As I learnt how to use a camera and get out of the automatic settings, my focus shifted to more than just spray paint, I started capturing London’s urban landscape, its people and just about anything surrounding me. Yet often still incorporating graffiti and street art.

Our cities are made of very dull stuff. Concrete, tarmac, bricks, glass, metal… there aren’t many colourful things out there so I’ve always personally enjoyed seeing a grey wall covered in a trashy rainbow of paint.

Check out my dedicated Graffiti and Street Art photography gallery here and go explore London, but for heaven's sake, don't settle for London street art tours!