Unveiling of the #martiniracing motorhome

What a day this was. Me and Jonathan were invited (see previous post) by Mr President and Martini Racing for a day out in Silverstone for the unveiling of the Martini Racing motorhome ahead of Sunday's F1 race.

Our mission, which we accepted, was to join a group of 12 in Central London for pre-drinks on a rooftop bar, courtesy of Martini.

Screenshot_2014-07-04-10-43-28 (2).JPG

After a few welcomed refreshments and nibbles we made our way to Silverstone in the Martini Racing private coach. As we arrived It was quite funny to see the looks on people faces as they clearly thought we were possibly drivers or some other VIP.

The motorhome was very cool, with 3 floors in the very classy and classic Martini Racing colours. It's amazing to think they get transported around the world! The top floor/rooftop terrace/bar was where it was all happening. Fantastic Martini cocktails and canapes which I am told were prepared by Michael Caines (I may be totally wrong but he was there for sure) as well as Q&A with Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas. Pat Symonds, Chief Technical Officer to Williams F1 was there too and other top F1 people.

Activites for the day included, mingling of course, the F1 garage visit and some reflex game. Jon and I topped the leaderboard at least for a bit until a female equivalent of the Flash smashed our score. God she was quick.


The garage visit was the highlight of the day, but sadly/understandably (due to sensitive material) we were unable to take photos of the cars and engines. Nevertheless we got very close to both Felipe and Valtteri's cars.

What would a day like this be without the good old goodie bag at the end complete with Martini Racing polo shirt, sunglasses, cap and headphones!

Thank you Martini Racing and Mr President for the experience.