Best Photos of the Tate Modern Gallery

February 2018 marks 10 years of me photographing London. As I revisit my archive I put together a selection of some of my best photos of the Tate Modern Gallery.

The Tate Modern Gallery has always fascinated me.

Firstly I have a thing for old power stations. My favourite being Battersea Power Station which awaited rescue from dereliction for decades.

Secondly I find it a space of calm and almost in a meditative way. I would often head there early before flocks of tourists would arrive and just wander the corridors. Sometimes managing to grab a really good shot, others not.

The light in the main entrance hall can be magical at times and with a little skill can produce some wonderful shots.

So... without further ado, here are my...

Best Photos of the Tate Modern Gallery


Above: This was a live art piece believe it or not. People walking at first and increasing their speed at each new length. Captured using a slow shutter to capture movement.


Above: French street artist JR back in 2008 pasted this commission on the gallery's facade. The gallery's first ever recognition of street art as a legitimate art form.


Above: Outside among the trees


Above: One of my most popular shots. I waited for a long time to get this one in the main turbine hall with people were going in and out of my frame... then he did with his little girl and her scooter, she handed him the scooter and ran away leaving him there. If solitude was a photo, it'd be this one.


Above: A wall within the new wing of the Tate Modern. I wanted to match colours. Success?


Above: Birch trees outside the gallery make for a very serene minimalist photograph.


Voila! I hope you enjoyed these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them and will visit the Tate Modern Gallery soon if you have not already!