Birthday Party Photography in Dorset or Somerset

Birthdays are special, just like Christmas! Maybe the fact I was born on 21st December has a lot to do with that. As a kid I would struggle to have an actual birthday as everyone around me was so focused on Christmas.

My grand-mother once gave me the same card for both my birthday and Christmas… only four days apart!

So you are looking for a photographer for your birthday party photography in Dorset or Somerset.

In recent years I’ve had the privilege of being hired by some amazing people to photograph theirs or a family member’s birthday celebrations.

Why do people hire me?

Because I am able to photograph an event as it truly was.


It must be years I spent as a street photographer in London which have given me an edge and that ability to photograph strangers with them barely noticing me.

What this means is that I capture them candidly, in the most “real” and authentic way.


Peace of mind is guaranteed when you hire me, so you can focus on having fun and not stressing wondering whether the photographer is doing a good job or maybe has forgotten his spare batteries.

I have become an expert at noticing when special things are about to happen, I know a photo opportunity when it’s about to present itself and I grab it.

This makes my photography particularly special as I capture joyous moments, tender moments, funny moment and even absurd moments, all which together make an event.

When looking through my photos, you’ll have a full 360 degree view of the event which you couldn’t have on that hectic day.


But what guarantee is that? After all I could write whatever I want here to try and convince you!?

This is why I display examples here of my work, I also make past clients’ feedback available to potential ones through my testimonials page and also this lovely feedback I just received:

Nico photographed a birthday party for us in Dorset. The quality of the photographs he took was just amazing –in another league to what we could have taken ourselves.

Nico managed to capture everything that was happening without any direction from me, which was no mean feat. All the while, Nico seemed to stay in the background – capturing all the action whilst remaining unobtrusive. Some group shots taken by drone were the icing on the cake!

I can’t recommend Nico highly enough: he was a pleasure to deal with in the run up to the event and on the day, and the photos he took will serve as great memories of the day. I would use him again in an instant.

I have in the past worked with a large number of global brands which include McLaren, Adidas, Heineken, Sony, Amazon, Jose Cuervo and many more. This means I’m used to working under pressure and delivering regardless..


Please don’t let big brand names put you off using me thinking I’ll be over-priced. You’d be surprised!

These days I just enjoy working with people, while using all that I have learnt on commercial shoots.


So get in touch today, let’s have a chat and let me make that special day even more special through the memories I’ll capture for you.