Cinemask Pro: the Best Flixel Cinemagraph Pro alternative software

Is Cinemask Pro the best Flixel Cinemagraph Pro alternative software? 

As many of you know I’ve been at the forefront of cinemagraph production since 2015 having produced campaigns for Adidas and the 2015 Rugby World Cup and since then having been commissioned by some of the world’s biggest brands. They include Peugeot, Diageo, Sony, Amazon, Heineken, Appletiser and many many more. Google “Cinemagraphs London” and you'll find my website... just like my clients do on a regular basis.

However I can't stand Flixel and even more its founders who have, I admit, ruffled my feathers.

It all started when initially, 3 years ago, they wanted me to be an Ambassador for their product.

It didn’t take long for them to try screw me over by using my cinemagraphs in their own promotional YouTube video aimed at investors without asking for my consent or telling me about it. Let’s just say that few email threats later and they stopped this very poor practice.

More importantly for all Flixel users there’s the fact if you want to use the Flixel website to host your cinemagraphs (to then embed them on your own website) they will not only feature a Flixel watermark but worse... a simple click redirects your keen website visitor to the Flixel website.

Can you guess why that’s a terrible idea?

Well. You attract people to your website through conscious marketing efforts (SEO, social media…) and they then end up on Flixel’s site. As it happens Flixel also doubles up as an agency producing cinemagraphs for brands so quite happy to steal your clients in the process.

Clever! Or plain dumb... you decide.

So not wanting to fill the pockets of Greedy McF*ck, I looked for alternatives, in the meantime using Photoshop to create my cinemagraph work as it's perfectly adequate even if, I admit, a little time consuming.

And one day the long awaited alternative to Flixel came in the form of Cinemask Pro (queue Angels singing)

It wasn’t long until I realised it offered all that Cinemagraph Pro offers, but only at a fraction of the cost, a much better value for money.

Cinemask Pro actually works very smoothly, way better at handling high frame rates (up to 125fps) and 4K which Flixel Cinemagraph Pro doesn’t. I’ve had days pulling my hair in frustration trying to deliver urgent work to a client which Flixel didn't allow me to finish.

I checked Flixel again recently for improvements that may have been made. Well I'm afraid it's slow. So slow in fact that it still makes it impossible to work on certain complex cinemagraphs, the more difficult ones. It literally freezes constantly.

The only thing Cinemask doesn’t have are filters. But fear not as frankly Flixel’s filters are a joke and just poor. Instead create your cinemagraph with Cinemask and add a filter via Instagram for example, it’s a far better option. somehow Flixel's filters really degrade the footage quality.

Here are a couple test cinemagraph I created with Cinemask, hope you like them! You can see plenty more high quality cinemagraphs on my website, click this link.


And finally, don't take my word for it, get your free demo of Cinemask Pro here today and visit the Cinemask Pro website.

Hope I've helped at least a few with discovering this far better alternative to Flixel!

Leave a comment and share on social media as I will be picking from there two lucky winners soon for a totally free download. How good is that?