Dating Website Photographer London

Let me tell you how by being a street photographer I've inadvertently became a dating website photographer. London is full of singles and I’ve a history with dating websites. I've also many surprising stories and anecdotes I won’t share for now, although they did make for an excellent best man speech.


Initially I was on there to find someone and tried and tested many (of these sites). I eventually met my beautiful wife but surprisingly the good old way, face to face, in “real” life. That isn’t to say dating websites don’t work, just not this particular time.


Then in 2015 and 2016 I was commissioned by to shoot their #loveyourimperfections campaign for social media. Match asked me to photograph total strangers in the streets of London (with their permission) and ask them to share their imperfection in order to tell a little story to suit their campaign.

I fell in love with asking people to photograph their portrait, I fell in love with how beautiful all of us are in our very own way.


And then more recently, it took me a little by surprise, I was hired twice by clients who wanted high quality photos for their dating website profile.

Now that’s an unexpected new niche for photographers isn’t it?


Unexpected but I completely get it.

If I was again looking for a partner on dating websites, well instead of trawling through thousands of outdated photos I’d be very tempted instead to hire a pro to capture the best of me, an established street photographer wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.


You see us street photographers can make any stranger look good, or at least their very best in a natural environment.

So if you too are looking to meet your soulmate… call me, I’m already taken but I can make sure that through my professional photography you too will soon be in a happy relationship.

Isn’t that what most of us want?