Food Photography, Dorset

One of the easiest way to attract new clients to your restaurant, pub, tea house or coffee shop is delicious professional food photography.

Dorset, we call our new home after 18 years in London, is filled with extraordinary food but, as anywhere else, you’d be surprised the number of websites we regularly stumble across with unappealing photography, very often due to the fact people do not see hiring a pro to shoot their menu as a worthy investment but rather as a cost.

They’d rather do it themselves with the old iPhone.

Great food photography, where care has gone in making it look optimal, sells better than any words you could write or special offer you could ever put up. It's your best marketing tool.

Photos that make you say "Oh I'd have that!" (a bit like those Bao buns... yum...)


And this is where we are here to help.

I’m Nico, I double as an expert with a 20 year background in luxury hospitality originally trained as a chef for five years in a French cookery school and a professional photographer now for 10 years who’s worked with some of the biggest and most demanding global brands (Adidas, Jose Cuervo, Campo Viejo, Appletiser, Peugeot…).


Chrystall is my Aussie foodie wife who has been shooting food professionally for many UK brands and with a journalistic background also writes and shares her passion for food.


Together we are a photography team made in heaven with an incredible eye for detail and the ability to present your food in the best possible way, which in turn will bring more business your way.


Professional photography of course has a cost but I see it as a necessary cost of sales, as it will increase your revenue by attracting new clients while through your excellent food and service you can focus on retaining existing ones.


Whether big or small, we always manage to match our client’s budget through a bespoke approach. No project is too big or too small for us to consider.

Get in touch today and let’s discuss how we can help your business attract more customers through something as simple and important as better photos.

Oh and... it does help that we're extremely friendly too.

Speak soon!

Nico and Chrystall