Hand-made Leather Camera Straps from Italy

It's this time of the year. Christmas is looming and you're looking for a gift for that sexy photographer in your life!

After reviewing the very exclusive Hawkesmill camera straps recently, I thought I'd now add some hand-made leather camera straps from Italy (for the sake of travel) by Angelo Pelle.


Angelo Pelle was already included a while back in my ultimate review of the best leather camera wrist straps, but I recently received a few new samples to test and I can already say the result is VERY positive.

First let me say that I support small businesses as much as I can.

I run a small business and am not keen on giving my money to the bigger guys who can only drop prices by outsourcing manufacturing in China, choosing lesser quality and overall cutting corners.

That's already a major reason which makes the appeal of manufacturers such as Angelo Pelle so huge in my eyes.

I have to admit though that I'm walking on egg shells writing this review. You see Angelo is so passionate about these that if I make a mistake in my description I fear he'll travel all the way from there to have a word! I fear I do not fully understand leather but what I know is quality and I know how it should feel around my neck!

When you handle an Angelo Pelle strap, it screams. What does it scream you ask?

Something along the lines of "I am hand made from the best leather and will last for an eternity so please attach me to a good looking camera!"... something like that anyway.

Talking of good looking cameras, I'd say these straps are really suitable across the board from compact to mirrorless and DSLR. I rarely say this as most straps are either too thin for a DSLR or to thick for a smaller mirrorless. these are just a right fit for all.


Angelo Pelle straps are always designed with one idea in mind (I just made that one up but it rings pretty true):

To use the best materials and apply the best craftmanship in order to deliver a top product that will last long, age beautifully and look after your camera as much as a strap can.

That's what it does.


I tested altogether two camera straps and a wrist strap.

I'm already familiar with the wrist strap which I used extensively last year and reviewed. It's so good it's still attached to my camera.

Now onto the two neck straps which are something new from Angelo.

One is a fixed length strap. I prefer fixed length as it removes one point of potential issues. You just need to figure out what is indeed the right length for you (do you let the camera hang, do you wear it cross body, etc..) 


Indeed I think the adjustment loop/buckle is a potential weakness in any strap, a point of possible fault.

It also adds one more potential risk of scratching the camera body.

But not in Angelo Pelle's world because he thinks of solutions to problems! If you want the option to adjust, an ingenious leather cap/cover hides that metal fitting away, protecting your camera.

Put it this way. With Angelo's straps there is 0% risk of damaging your camera body. You'd imagine that's kind of standard but I can tell you that a majority of straps have potential design faults in the form of metal fittings which risk in the long terms to scratch your camera body. Others are not comfortable at all, whereas Angelo's are like a morning breeze on the skin of your neck (how poetic!).

Researching and investing in the right strap is more important than most people think. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to protect your camera and look cool doing it.

Check-out Angelo Pelle's website for all your leather goods needs!