Weird: Hiding the Leica logo with Tape

We live in a terrifying world and the news tell us: just about anything out there is out to get us.

Fear is HOT right now.

So talking about being safe... Does hiding the Leica logo with tape actually serve a purpose?

What is the purpose of this strange behaviour?

Is it possible that one idiot did it and it just caught on?

Could it be that by trying to draw less attention, Leica users may actually be screaming "I'm here look at me and my anti-Leica Leica".

When I posted my honest though slightly puzzled opinion on Twitter about this practice, I received many replies which may help us understand the psyche behind the behaviour:

One Twitter follower actually worried me for a minute:

"It’s necessary these days. Scumbags are everywhere and will take anything. I’d do it if I had a Leica."

Sounds bloody terrifying. Scumbags hey!

Another follower replied in a voice which sounded like the whole Leica black tape community was behind him:

“We tape our Leica's to downplay expensive camera please steal me”

To which I replied:

“Nah a guy who steals Leicas knows a Leica with or without dot. I think”

To which he then replied:

“Thieves only steal what they recognize they can sell. Leicas covered in black tape look like a point and shoot. Not worth stealing.”

Right so first of all, the only person you're fooling is yourself, and that's very sad.

And let's think about this for a minute (forgetting he just pooped all over the work of a long line of Leica designers).

It's about the equivalent of stating that if you hide the Apple logo with grey tape you can't recognise a MacBook.


Seriously weird practice.

Plus it makes your Leica look uglier than it needs to.

A bit like driving a Porsche and removing the logo. What purpose does it serve? Especially black tape SUCKS ASS in the design / slick looking department.

Frankly if you get mugged it’s not because of the dot, it’s because you probably aren't very streetwise and possibly look like a clueless tourist and no amount of black tape can hide that… trust me.

To end this I’ll mention a dude I saw on the street the other day who took this to the next level.

He’d put black tape on his Sony camera's logo.

Let's pray it's not contagious because I'm truly shitting myself.