London Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is best described as a genre of photography which features people photographed in everyday situations, shot with an artistic eye. Capturing real-life events is what it’s all about. Generally speaking it’s away from the artificial studio backdrops and lights. It feels more honest and real.


There are big similarities between lifestyle photography and street photography except that, often, lifestyle is commissioned by clients and more setup / arranged than street photography which is candid by definition.


I often shoot in London lifestyle photography for clients since my street photography background lends itself to it perfectly.

One of my most recent commissions (some photos featured here) was for the famous Street Feast night street-food markets. I was asked to capture the positive vibe and people generally having a great time. The photos were published by Time Out London and used by the client across all of their social media channels.

Another commission was for Rooftop Film Club (some photos here) the ever increasingly popular outdoor cinema experience for which I had to capture four sites (Peckham/Hoxton/Stratford and Shadwell) and really convey the atmosphere and general good times people have there.

Lifestyle is ideal for editorial as often tells a story and also for brand advertising as customers can relate to the subject photographed, it feels authentic when captured well. You’ll have seen many restaurants, sports brands, coffee brands and hotels (to name only a few) using this type of photography to promote their product or services.

Contact me should you need a London lifestyle photographer and read my client testimonials, they could not be more positive!