LumeJet: the Best Photo Printing company in the UK?

Back in May I was approached by LumeJet, a printing company based in the UK. 

They'd seen my photography on my website and were interested in offering me a free box set of my photos printed using their technology in order to get my thoughts and of course for me to share with my followers/readers.

According to them LumeJet is a small company that's just launching and trying to get feedback on their products from the world’s most demanding photographers. To date, most of the work they have done has been with photographers shooting on Phase One, Nikon, Hasselblad, Fuji and Leica and the best DSLRs.  

Since I shoot using the A7RII I guess they knocked at the right door, as it's one of the very best cameras you can get, I've been shooting it three years now and can't seem to need a replacement so much I love it.

LumeJet, again according to them, have developed the world’s only 400ppi true continuous tone printer and now run an ultra-high-quality print service using their machines. Their prints today are not large: they go up to 1000mm x 305mm, but they are very accurate. LumeJet pride themselves particularly on the sharpness and accuracy. They aren't targeting the super-size exhibition market. They are trying to offer proof-quality and exhibition-quality prints in portfolio sets so that the world's most demanding photographers can show off their portfolio as beautifully and impressively as possible. They print only on the very best Fuji professional silver halide papers to the highest standards achievable and at competitive prices. 

That's, as I said, according to them. 

So this got me curious enough to try them and frankly a free set of their L.Type prints is hard to refuse. It may be free but I always speak honestly when reviewing products. 

I sent them 30 or so files and within only a few days received a package.


In the past I have used other companies although mainly The Print Space with whom I have been very happy, they have excellent customer service, quick turnaround and price is maybe a little high but they are reliable, that's important especially if you exhibit or are simply demanding.

So does this sales pitch actually reflect in the quality of the box set I received?

Are LumeJet the best photo printing company in the UK?

First impressions matter greatly and upon opening the package I discovered a beautiful A3 sized black box with a pair of archival quality cotton gloves. 

The gloves guarantee you won't leave finger marks on the prints, especially if this is to be used as a portfolio to showcase your best work, after multiple shows of your portfolio the prints would suffer.

So gloves on, I opened this very special box.

Inside were 30 of my very best photos shot in the past 10 years, as coincidentally I am celebrating this year 10 years photographing London.

And I have to say... What a treat. 


I've not seen better prints and that comes from someone who has exhibited his work with Proud Galleries, W Hotels, Hoxton Hotels and other demanding high end venues.

The paper is as described but the thickest I have ever seen. Proper card type paper. Sorry I'm not a professional printer, I may lack the technical terms but as a photographer I know what my photos should look like.

I went carefully from one print to another, confident these photos of mine had been honoured to the most accurate detail.


Indeed this is the perfect box to carry anywhere you need to show your portfolio, be it a potential client, gallery, portfolio review, photographer agency... Not only will your photos do the talking but the overall presentation will no doubt impress anyone you show them to.

There is such a sense of pride when you look at such a beautiful finished product and reflect on the years of hard work and dedication that have brought you here at this moment in time. Please do me a favour if you never print your photos, get them out of the digital world into the real world. 

It really makes sense when you think of the money spent in a top of the range camera why would anyone not want the very best printing there is. LumeJet is just that.

One testimonial on the LumeJet website has in my opinion got it perfectly: It's like getting an upgrade to first class from economy. After that you just never want to fly economy again.

So should you try LumeJet?


And the best bit is... they are not ridiculously expensive at all.

Try L.Type prints today and save almost £40! Get 4 A3 premium prints for £12, €20, $25 all-inclusive by using promo code [GOODDENS4A312]. Valid until 01.08.18. 
To proceed, simply send your high-res image files, with embedded colour profiles, to using the WeTransfer button. Files can also be sent using dropbox or any other preferred method. Need help? please contact

You won't regret it... you may even thank me!