Marketing Consultancy for Small Businesses

Over the past years my already successful photography company has evolved to include marketing consultancy for small businesses.

It makes sense since aside from being hired by international brands (Adidas, Peugeot, Land Securities) for my visual content creation / photography and receiving excellent feedback, I also happen to have worked in Sales and Marketing and various areas of luxury hospitality for over 25 years in London.

Why should you hire me I hear you ask?


First and foremost, for the past 6 years I have been hired by a multi-million pound 4 star property in London to address the lack of revenue. In that time I have doubled the revenue, an increase of 15% year on year without fault and without changing or improving the product.

Prior to this I worked for the UK’s largest booking agency specialising in serviced apartments and was the highest achiever of the entire sales team, generating in excess of a million pound of commission on bookings in the space of 4 years.

Meanwhile I developed my photography business. In the space of nine years my photography website went in the TOP 4 most popular photography blogs in the UK, generating up to 250,000 visits per year.

How did I achieve this?

First and foremost by growing and engaging with a large following on Social Media. Between Twitter and Instagram I total over 100,000 followers who are geographically targeted (50% UK and 25% US).

Equally as important was to ensure via SEO efforts that Google would rank me top of the page in search results, by selectively attracting searches relevant to my business and my potential clients.

This has led to a huge rise in visitors, nearing a quarter of a million a year.

The result?

All the photography jobs I have ever worked on for large brands (Adidas, Jose Cuervo, Amazon, Heineken, Peugeot and many more) were clients approaching me for work, I never have had to cold call or beg for work. This is a great position to be in for any business.

This is why you should hire me.

I am able through content creation (writing exceptional articles relevant to your potential clients) and SEO to make Google work for you, without paying for sponsored adverts.

What you sell will reach the people who need it, or search for it online.

Contrary to most web design companies I am able to develop websites (I have a few under my belt) with the possibility to train you to amend it in the future and not have to be tied to me for life or charged each time you need to upload a photo or menu.

I can create exciting content for your social media, such as cinemagraphs (which most large brands hire me for) and design a social media strategy to guide you through the maze it can be.

I offer a large array of services linked to marketing and ultimately increasing revenue.

And best of all? I’m affordable.

So why not check my client testimonials and contact me and see how I can help your business become a stronger competitor?

You’ll only regret not doing it!