Micro Video Content - Cinemagraphs on the Rise

The micro video content trend began appearing on social media around 2013/2014 and got pretty serious in 2015 without showing any signs of slowing down. It's BIG and it's everywhere.

Micro videos are a form of short visual content such as Vines, Snapchat, Instagram videos and generally any "to the point" short videos. They're everywhere and mobile-friendly content is now crucial for brand advertising.

A key requirement is you need to be able to grab your viewer's attention... fast.

A 15 second video needs to make an impact at the very first second, not half-way through, that's already way too late.

People have less time (or narrower attention spans) so video micro-content that is highly creative, attention grabbing and captivating is what they want.

I've already been commissioned cinemagraphs and other micro video content including timelapse loops for top brands such as Adidas, Peugeot, Sky Sports, Campo Viejo Wines and more. I know the demand is high.

Top brands, but also smaller ones, work with me from concept stages to production to the point of finding optimal ways to post on various social media channels since for many it's still quite new.

It needs to be said that when it comes to cinemagraphs in particular, they are a craze at the moment. Soon the novelty of something moving in a photo will eventually wear out, people will get used to it and at that point only the very best, most innovative cinemagraph creators will stand out. 

Take photography for example. One can press the shutter and use Instagram filters, but does it make them top photographer? No... it doesn't.

Same goes for the quality of cinemagraphs or anything creative for that matter. You really need passion, creativity and to constantly push the medium to create something outstanding, every time.

I have already noticed that many cinemagraph producers in London (and internationally) create living photos often too subtle to be noticed in the split second someone browses past them on social media. They are cute yes, but do not stop people in their tracks.

I often opt to mix cinemagraphs with timelapse for it to be instantly more... "grabbing". What do you think of the Westminster Bridge cinemagraph above, ever seen it captured like that?

Aside from social media, micro videos are also used extensively on digital display (in the underground, airports, train stations...), on television, in email marketing and websites (video background for example).

Here are a few more examples of my best London cinemagraphs and cinemagraphs for advertising:

I'm curious to find out what your micro video content strategy is and what you think works best! Let me know in the comments!

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