Photographers Sherborne Dorset

There are many important factors which matter when choosing professional photographers. Sherborne (Dorset), where I am now based when not otherwise in London, does have a few of course but I like to think I can offer a proven and much more solid experience than most of them, ultimately saving you time, money and trouble.

1) Versatility

This is the main reason I get hired as a pro. I have shot product photography four times for Adidas, 360 degree photography for Land Securities, event photography at the British Fashion Awards, press events at McLaren F1 in Woking, food and drinks photography for such brands as Jose Cuervo, Heineken and Appletizer, people photography for,…

I never understood why photographers only focus on one niche, instead I believe by shooting many different niches, all the skills I learn end-up crossing over often to create something new and unique.


Photography is photography and when you know how to use the camera well, if you are a little bit clever and creative, you can shoot anything.

2)      Experience

Anyone can claim to be the best photographer around, instead I let me experience speak for itself having been a photographer in London for over 10 years (now relocated to Sherborne) and hired by the most demanding clients including Adidas, Peugeot, Heineken, Amazon and many more. For extra reassurance I make my client testimonials available on my website.


3)      Excellent Communication

It’s not because one can take photos well that they can communicate well. Luckily I have over 20 years’ experience in the high-end corporate world (outside of photography) and have learnt that communication is a two way process. Talking is one thing but listening and asking questions are key to understanding exactly what your client’s vision is. If your photographer doesn’t ask questions… maybe ask yourself if they are the right one for you.

4)      Professionalism

The reason you hire a professional is to avoid beginner mistakes and lack of experience. Having worked on so many demanding projects I do not let stress affect me and I only see solutions, not problems. Preparation is what matters most both in terms of equipment required for a successful shoot and asking the right questions ahead of it.

5)      Fresh vision without clichés

I often hear from clients that I have a fresh vision and this is what I strive for. When I look at other photographers’ work I feel lucky to be different. People just repeat what they saw elsewhere with no creativity or originality and often photography is down-right cheesy and cheap looking, cliché after cliché. My work is original and refreshing.

Like that mesmerizing video for example…

6)      Friendliness and ease to work with

When you hire a professional photographer it is to capture something that matters to you, be it an event, your own portraits, a product… I know my clients can at times feel pressure around such shoots and my duty is at least not to add to it. So I’m easy going, friendly, reassuring and never socially awkward. This stems from being a very sociable person who isn’t scared to talk to strangers (or photograph them!).

7)      Fast turn-around

I have always believed speed to be essential for both client and photographer. Why let anything drag-on longer than necessary? This causes unnecessary stress for all involved. When you hire me as a professional photographer, you needn’t worry about that either.


These are only some of the reasons you should hire me for your photography in Sherborne, Dorset, London or anywhere really, I even once travelled to China invited by a local tourism board for a photography job!

Contact me today to discuss your requirement, I will look forward to helping make your vision a reality.

Hope to speak with you soon.