Selective Colour Photography

Selective colour photography (or color as our American friends spell it) is a fairly simple process of photo manipulation in which you convert a photo in black and white leaving an "accent" or partial colour on a photograph or a selected area.

It’s sometimes frowned upon by photographers as it can often be executed with poor taste but like with all types of photography I believe this technique can be used with great results.

Highly underused by photographers it's yet perfectly possible to create striking urban photographs when used with common sense and good taste (which I hope I have by now…)

Many selective colour apps and cameras enable photographers to do it quickly and simply but I prefer to use good old Photoshop for more precise control and it’s still not rocket science.

This was something I did lots about seven years ago when I started shooting and it helped me produce some of my most popular photos. I've now moved on to other things but still consider it a technique worth exploring.

Here are some of my best photos using selective colour:

Have you tried selective colour technique with good results? Make sure you leave a comment!