Hire me as a social media consultant / content creator in London

Why hire me as a social media consultant / content creator in London?

Let me start with a number.


That’s the unique traffic my London photography website receives yearly and it increases by 25% year on year.

This is pretty good as far as photography websites go.

Over the past few years I’ve really worked hard to increase awareness surrounding my photographic work and this has helped me understand the many intricacies of digital marketing.

Some of you may think of me primarily as a photographer and moving image producer but other valuable strengths make me who I am.

I put a lot of importance on understanding digital marketing and SEO.

I was for four years Head of Sales & Marketing at COMO, a Singaporean luxury hotels company.

In the last few years I’ve also become quite an expert at Search Engine Optimisation with my website search engine traffic rocketing in past years.

I regularly receive feedback that search engine optimised reviews which I write direct significant traffic towards third party websites increasing their sales and revenue.

My social media network is highly engaged with me and I engage with them on a human level and yet I understand the need to run my account as I would run a brand.

For that reason, I am regularly invited as a social media influencer to attend launches, review openings and new products as people know very well the reach I have between social media and search engine traffic.

The content I write regularly ranks first on Google searches on the subject discussed and yet the copy does not feel forced, stuffed with keywords or over optimised resulting in English that sounds out of a machine rather than a human. That's what you normally get when using agencies who do not understand your business, your audience and the importance of content which can be an enjoyment to read.

Here are some figures relating to social media and website traffic which should shed a bit more light on how I can help.

Social Media:

Voted in the top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers (global list featured by Forbes 2015)

Twitter: 105K

94,000 followers (75% are US and UK) for @nicholasgoodden

11,000 followers for @streetphotogldn (other account linked to streetphotographylondon.co.uk)

Instagram: 23K

13,000 followers for @nicholasgoodden

10,000 followers for @streetphotogldn (other account linked to streetphotographylondon.co.uk)

Facebook Page:




Adidas, Amazon, Jose Cuervo, Match.com, Land Securities, AEG, Appletiser and more.

Content Features:

Features in 70+ international publications including Time Out, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Wanderlust Mag and more

Website/Blog Traffic:

230,000 visits per year, increasing in excess of 25% year on year.

So, whether you need a social media consultant in London (or outside London), or need content creation for your company’s blog while also increasing Google search traffic, I may just be the person you’ve been looking for.

Get in touch today and find out how I can help you increase traffic and interest in your brand.