Street Photography Through Windows

Shooting street photography through windows is a great way to find a new angle for your candid photography. Too often when taking street photos we focus on what's actually in the street and one's vision can be limited by man made boundaries.

Windows are one of them.

We've all been there: A day out to shoot and yet nothing really comes out of it. It's just one of these days, I think I'm right in saying this is a feeling all street photographers encounter at some point.

My solution is often to take a break and sit in a pub for a drink. Of course I never switch off and I always observe, hence why I often sit by the window. And that's where the photographic magic happens.

The photos below were shot from inside a pub, restaurant or cafe in London:


These are photographs from within a building but swap the roles and you can be the one outside photographing the ones inside.

I always advise not to over-do it, by that I mean take a photo but don't stand there outside the window harassing people by shooting 40 photos of them until you get the right one. That's a bit much and sadly a lot of street photographers do it without much empathy (I discuss this in my article: Street Photography Ethics and Respect). 

Here's a selection of my best shots shooting from outside a window, in the street but looking in:

I find that windows form a sort of both physical and psychological barrier for most people and many don't actually look past them. 

Would you agree windows are a great way to see beyond the obvious? Share your thoughts!