Top 100 UK Photography Blogs

This past month I was in great need of cheering-up, not that my life is bad in any way but January just seemed to drag forever and February looked a bit like its twin sister.

And that bit of joy came from being listed among the top 100 UK photography blogs. Not just listed, but ranking at number 4 which is cool.


I’m not normally someone who chases validation or accolades but they are of course always welcome especially when you think about the hours I have invested in my photography blog for the past 4 years and furthermore… at a time of the year where lack of inspiration is at peak level.

This has given me a much needed boost of motivation ahead of Spring and Summer and I will be writing on this blog so much it may just catch fire.

But how does anyone compile such a list?

Apparently it has to do with mixed factors including social media following, website/blog traffic, frequency of your blogs, Google ranking and hopefully… not just numbers but quality of writing.

I recognise I’ve been a little complacent in the past 6 months and wrote a lot less, averaging twice a month only. But I’m back and already since the new year, under 2 months, I have written 12 articles!

As for social media following I’m hovering above 100,000 across channels, web traffic is around a ¼ million visits per year and Google rank is looking sweet!

So I guess I'm doing something right and just have to keep at it, keep thinking of new ways to help people improve not only their photography but the way in which they get it seen by the people who matter (galleries, potential clients, photography magazines…).

It’s going to be a big year for blogging so please keep coming back and I’ll reward you with some great tips!

Til then, I invite you to check-out the full list of the Top 100 UK Photography Blogs as there are many other really good ones included!