What's "Urban" Street Photography?

It seems that when it discussing urban street photography, using the word urban is pretty much redundant? Isn't it?

Well not exactly. 

A common misconception it that street photography is necessarily urban since it takes place in the street.

In reality it can be practiced everywhere, anywhere you'll find people doing their thing, being people with all their quirks and diversity. Not only in streets.

Some photographers choose for example to shoot street photography on beaches. That's the extent of how far the genre reaches.

Beaches actually do make for amazing images. People in all their glory. However I think it may be asking for trouble... not everyone wants their photo taken in their bikini so use common sense (read Street Photography Ethics)

Here's one of my favourite "beach" shot which I took in Portugal:


Others will choose to shoot on the underground, in festivals, amusement parks, horse racing venues, village fetes, airports, museums, etc...

Here's something I shot in Disneyland Hong Kong:


My preference is still for the urban environment and that's simply because of circumstances which have brought me to settle in London since 1999 having just moved from France where I grew-up. It's also because of the sheer amount of opportunities which you just don't have in quieter places.

Here are a few examples of what I shoot in the urban environment I'm familiar with:


I find the genre simply fascinating, I've had the bug for years and cannot see it die down. London with it's constant change means you can visit one area and revisit it a few months later unable to recognise it.

Make sure, if you have an interest in this genre, that you check an article I wrote recently listing my top urban photography tips. It's perfect to take one's photography to the next level.

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Where do you mainly shoot? Leave a comment!