Vibrant Photos of London

London offers an incredibly rich and exciting mix of people, architecture, restaurants, bars, parks and so on.

Too often though photographers opt for a black and white depiction which, whilst offering an alternative view with more mystery and mood, does nothing to highlight and promote its vibrancy.

I too am guilty of shooting lots of black and white street photography but in recent years I have slowly discovered my true love for colour.  Colour street photography or urban photography is not easy to master and I'm not one to pretend I have. However in experimenting with it, colour photography has really grown on me. As much as black and white does offer the classic look, it's also over-used and often to disguise a photo profoundly devoid of expressing anything else. I like to compare the act of systematically converting every photo to black and white to adding salt to a tasteless dish. It conveniently hides things.

When choosing colour a photo can very quickly appear too crowded, busy and feel like every element is screaming for attention. This is where it takes some skill to manage compositions.

Sometimes it's all about maximising the use of negative space.

Here is a selection of my most vibrant photos of London:


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