Top Websites To Learn Photography

Photography resources (good and bad ones) are all over the Internet and we can today learn everything we need to know about photography online. Well at least some of it as I believe the true way to learn is get out there and shoot... a lot!

Here are my 3 favourite photography websites for learning about photography when you're not out and about:

1 – Petapixel

Self-proclaimed “coolest blog on the Internet for photography enthusiasts”, Petapixel does indeed have everything you need to know. That includes tutorials, latest news, equipment reviews to name a few.

2 – Digital Photography School

That one focuses mostly on photography tips and tutorials (as its name suggests) and has possibly any photography tutorial you could possibly hope for. There are also a few gear reviews and tutorials for specific equipment as well as photographers featured.

3 – Photojojo

OK, a good camera doesn’t necessarily make you a good photographer but the reality is that most of us photographers love gear and gadgets. If you do too, head over to Photojojo for “truly unique gifts and gear for photographers”. Some of the stuff featured there can really take your photography to another level!


Hope you find these photography websites useful to improve your photography and make sure you save them to your favourites!