Unusual Gifts for Photographers

So you’re looking for a photography related gift for a loved one or maybe just for yourself as a reward for all your hard work?

Check out this simple list I’ve put together to make everyone’s life easier!


The best place for any photography geek’s friend, family or partner in need of a brilliant idea. But beware, it's easy to spend hours in this modern day version of Ali Baba's cave. Alternatively, you may just want to head there to buy yourself a little something… come on you deserved it!

Photojojo Website


Nothing like a bit of analogue joy. If you don’t have much experience using film, give it a go! Affordable, Lomo cameras are gorgeous, easy to use and the results bring you back to a time when people were careful about what they took photos of and had to be patient before seeing results. Plus there’s a huge selection of film rolls to choose from.

Lomography Website

Not On The High Street:

For something a little unusual and which will make any photographer think “Wow…you know me so well!”, head over to Not On The High Street. There’s an actual section of gifts for photographers.

Not On The High Street Website


I just love Zazzle. You can upload and apply your own designs or photos to pretty much anything you can think of (including skateboards!!!). Imagine a custom skateboard with a photo your loved one shot hanging on your wall. Sweet.

Zazzle Website


That's it, if with these you still can't decide on anything I guess there's still Amazon!