RIP Wilkes McDermid

It’s with sadness that I learnt of Wilkes McDermid's death last month.

I never met Wilkes in the “real world” but we followed each other on social media and I was well aware of his excellent food photography. I would come across it mostly via Twitter and Instagram and we exchanged some messages online, usually about photography.

Wilkes actually went to check out "The Great Londoners", my exhibition at The Hoxton Holborn last Christmas, something many of my so called "real life" friends haven't bothered doing.

To my surprise, I feel somehow honoured, Wilkes mentioned me among many people he enjoyed the work of in his final blog post “Final Message… thank you everyone…” which he published on February 8th.

It’s not easy writing something about someone you never met. It even feels silly not to have ever made the effort to meet at least once for a drink since we had a common passion for food, London and photography.

All I know is that I truly enjoyed and respected his work and my thoughts are with his family and friends in this very difficult and sad time.

Wilkes was a very popular blogger in the London foodies scene and I'm sure many people already miss him.