First Hour with the E-M5 Mark II


After over five years using the MFT system I've sold my entire Olympus Micro Four Thirds Kit and now only use the full frame mirrorless Sony A7RII.

This decision came, since writing this article, after using both systems for a year and a half on client commissions.

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Full Frame or Micro Four Thirds?

I received my new E-M5 Mark 2 back in February straight from Olympus, excited like a kid at Christmas. This is a true little beauty of a camera which I had tested extensively the previous month in a pre-release event in Prague (You can read my EM5 Mark2 review here).

So on the day it arrived, armed with Olympus' new OMD, I set myself the following challenge:

One hour, the first hour, to shoot whatever I feel like, then publish my best three photos, straight out of camera, no post-processing. Simple.

Here are my best three photos shot in that single hour, the first hour with my EM5 Mark II which I hope will encourage some of you to give it a go.

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I'm pretty happy given I had only one hour to produce something and no Photoshop or Lightroom.

I instantly fell in love with that camera for street photography and my E-M1 in the following months saw less and less action to the point I eventually sold it. 

Since I wrote this article early 2015, I also started shooting with a second system in August, the Sony A7RII (review here). Whilst it doesn't replace the EM5 Mark II (e.g in situations where I need to carry a smaller and quieter camera) it is a fantastic mirrorless camera which I have seen myself use increasingly on paid jobs and also for street work. 

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