The 2CV Diaries - A Personal Project

Most of you will know me as a professional photographer based in London. I spend a lot of time shooting urban photography writing about photography and sharing helpful tips on running a successful photography business when I’m not simply shooting commissions for clients including Adidas, Sky Sports, Peugeot, etc... is a very different personal project I started in mid-November 2015 after buying “Babette” my 1963 Citroen 2CV AZAM which I keep at my Dorset home where we go on weekends.

My 1963 2CV AZAM

My 1963 2CV AZAM

It allows me to do something a little less demanding. It’s an escape, a release from doing things always with a purpose, or sticking to tight deadlines.

The only aim here is to have fun. I have had a passion for the Citroen 2CV my entire life and this is where I share it.

My lovely wife Chrystall and I plan to take a little road trip on-board Babette our 2CV next year. Where-ever it takes us definitely won’t happen fast, but we look forward to it. It’ll make for an interesting blog.

A very photogenic French car...

A very photogenic French car...

I’ve done some automotive photography and cinemagraphs for Peugeot recently and I enjoyed it a lot so this project will be a great way to polish my automotive photography technique too.

We enjoy the 2CV so much and yet it's only the start. It’s a very photogenic classic French car which makes it a lot of fun to photograph and it’s a car which I really relate to, at least the philosophy and thinking behind its design.

The 2CV has no ego, it’s humble, it makes people smile, it’s never in a rush, it’s a perfect example of less is more and it has character which most cars nowadays lack.

It actually makes me want to leave my mobile phone at home when I go for a drive.

I have already started cutting down on many things which simply take too much of my time and causing me too much stress. I've been in London which I love since 2003 so it is time to re-organise and get my priorities right.

Life’s too short to do things you don’t enjoy or deal with people who aren’t worth the time.