Online Photography One-To-One Help

In the past few years I have been running a successful photography business in London working on commissions from clients including Adidas, Peugeot, Sky Sports and

Sports Cinemagraph commissioned by Adidas

My professional photography has been extensively featured in top publications including The Huffington Post, The Phoblographer, Evening Standard, Photoshelter, Advanced Photographer and many more.

Commissioned by Street Feast London

Commissioned by Street Feast London

Commissioned by Street Feast London

Commissioned by Street Feast London

Photographers of various background often contact me asking for personalised photography business advice as well as social media help, portfolio reviews, etc…

I have always tried my best to help others, mostly through my photography blog and Street Photography London by writing informative articles on these subjects. These were however kept fairly general and I was until now quite limited in how much time I could spare.

I have now decided to offer bespoke one-to-one online video sessions covering all parts of running a photography business and improving your photography portfolio.

These sessions, available weekdays, evenings and weekends cover a wide range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • portfolio review and how to build a strong photography portfolio
  • photography website design + review of your own website
  • photography SEO (My website receives over 11.000 Google organic searches per month)
  • working on your first client commission
  • social media tips for photographers (I have over 130.000 followers across channels)
  • how to get your work seen by the right people
  • establishing your photography niche
  • how to quote a client for a photography job

These offer incredible value for anyone serious about their photography as they will help you produce better photographs, avoid costly mistakes and get your work seen by the right people resulting in paid commissions.

The price for a one hour session is £100 (exclusive of VAT) and for a more in-depth approach, three individual one hour sessions hours can be booked at a 10% discount of £270 (exclusive of VAT).

We will first establish in an initial contact what area you need the most help with so the session can be tailored to you personally.

Contact me today and take your photography and photography business to the next level.