The E-M5 Mark II replaced the E-M1

2017 Update

After over five years using the MFT system I've sold my entire Olympus Micro Four Thirds Kit and now only use the full frame mirrorless Sony A7RII.

This decision came, since writing this article, after using both systems for a year and a half on client commissions.

Curious as to why? Read this:

Full Frame or Micro Four Thirds?

Back in February when I first reviewed the E-M5 Mark II, I kind of knew immediately how good a camera it was.

It was the camera I'd been waiting for. The E-M5 was great but lacked wi-fi so I was unable to share my photos on the go in particular on social media which is a key part of my workflow. It also had a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 which was insufficient since I often use fast lenses such as the Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95, the Pana Leica 25mm f1.4 or the Olympus 17mm f1.8.

I heard a lot of people say the Mark 2 is very similar to the original E-M5. I don't know where these comments stem from but I tell you these people haven't used either cameras enough to come to these conclusions. Even in terms of design, the E-M5 Mark II is an E-M5 on steroids. 

The ergonomics and buttons/functions are wonderful compared to the E-M5. OK sure there is still not much of a grip (although improved) but that doesn't mean I ever drop my camera, just get a descent wrist strap, shoulder strap or optional grip and you're good.

Going back to the title of this post, yes the Mark II has indeed replaced my E-M1. So much so... I have not used the E-M1 once since February!


One feature I've not used though is the E-M5 Mark II's 40mp shooting mode. It just doesn't apply to what I do but this doesn't mean it's redundant. The cameras has to be perfectly still on a tripod and the scene as well. So think interiors photography, food or still life. But not landscapes since even a swan flying through the scene or a branch dangling will show some kind of ghosting. That's due to the fact the camera shoots a succession of photos each time shifting its sensor to create a composite of 40mp.

The silent mode is also great for those secret snappers and street photographers.

I've really fallen for this camera, much more than I ever have for any camera since I've been a photographer. Plus, having been faithful to the Micro Four Thirds format, I now have a sweet collection of top quality lenses which will never be redundant as MFT cameras evolve and develop.

More recently I've been focusing on shooting fresh cinemagraphs and timelapse. Well the EM5 Mark II has a timelapse setting so you can choose the number of frames, the interval... It will even turn it into a movie file if you want. Also, for my timelapse I sometimes use a slider and motion control device which carries my camera left and right. Well... a lighter camera means my batteries on these motion controllers last longer since the motors have less of a struggle compared to lugging a heavy DSLR. Plus, for cinemagraphs, the video capabilities and image stabilisation of the new E-M5 are pretty amazing.

So that's it, if you are looking for a camera to shoot professional photos or videos with but at the same time one which id easy to carry everywhere and which won't break the bank (or your back from carrying a DSLR)... look no further!


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