Micro Video Content for Digital Marketing

Cinemagraphs, timelapse and short / silent video loops are ideal for your social media, content, digital marketing and as a website video background.

I've always had an attraction for motion, but videos are always too long, too much of a commitment. Plus you need to master the audio side of it. Think about it, do you really have time to watch videos when you browse through various social networks?

So I gently started experimenting with cinemagraphs, timelapse and simply beautiful video loops but always within the “no more than 15 seconds” rule (convenient since that’s the Instagram limit and not far from the length you have to captivate your audience).

Piccadilly Circus - London, UK (Timelapse Cinemagraph)

The common issue with most short videos on social media is that they loop terribly badly and often there is a dreadful sound or music associated with them. Noise.

With all of the above in mind and my photography background, I now have a very clear vision of what I want to achieve: Short, seamless, nearly hypnotic silent videos, which loop perfectly and which draw you in like a photograph on steroids.

It may sound easy but producing compelling videos without sound is a challenge in itself. 

Westminster Bridge - London, UK (Timelapse Cinemagraph)

But guess what… It works and it only took a couple of weeks before I nailed my biggest jobs ever for two of the world’s most recognised brands.

I had a gut feeling and I went with it. When people assume they know your work inside-out and think they can predict your next move, change direction and stun them.