Food and Drinks Cinemagraphs, London

Brands love HD cinemagraphs. Food and drinks companies have already understood their value in increasing engagement and they can be used to promote a restaurant, bar, street food business, drink, etc... (I could go on)

The main uses for living images are social media (they work wonders on Twitter and Instagram in particular) but also as full screen video backgrounds for websites or on digital displays such as the ones you come across on the London underground platforms and escalators.

I have already created great cinemagraphs for big brands such as Adidas, Peugeot, Sony Entertainment and drinks cinemagraphs for Campo Viejo wines but also smaller local businesses such as the Beavertown Brewery, street food trader B.O.B's Lobster here in London and a small country pub in Dorset.

When commissioned to create unique and mesmerising content I always ensure my clients are comfortable with how to use them whatever the use may be. I am always available to help and give advice since social media is one of my strengths.

Cinemagraphs are proven to create a lot more engagement and clicks than their still photo counterparts.

But, just like great photos, a great cinemagraph takes skill and high attention to detail. Some look cheap and badly executed, whilst others created by passionate professionals really have an impact on anyone viewing them.

Here are a few examples of food cinemagraphs I recently worked on:

Above: A very tricky drink cinemagraph that was a real challenge to create and loop perfectly.

Above, a couple of drinks cinemagraphs I produced, part of a larger series commissioned by Campo Viejo wines for their social media marketing.

This street food cinemagraph was produced for B.O.B.'s Lobster (trader at Dinerama, Shoreditch). Just waiting to rescue hungry East London crowds.

Another food cinemagraph, Dinerama's "Bird Box" chicken rotisserie in full swing.

This beer cinemagraph was created as part of a cinemagraph series for BeaverTown Brewery in London.

Another drinks cinemagraph. These rotating beer bottles are very tricky to loop perfectly but once it works, they're a bit hypnotic aren't they?

Cinemagraphs bring everything to life. This Champagne cinemagraph was produced for the Rose and Crown pub in Trent, Dorset. A lovely warm and friendly pub with cows grazing right by the window!

When deciding who to work with in the production of cinemagraphs for your business, whatever its size, make sure their work is flawless, perfectly looped and polished.

I carefully craft and deliver seamless cinemagraphs, always with my client's brand image and style in mind and their feedback is always positive.

Contact me for a chat or a small presentation and with my fresh cinemagraphs take your business' social media and digital marketing, whatever its size, to the next level.