High Contrast Photography

High contrast photography / street photography allows me to focus on lines, aesthetics and shapes instead of always having to tell a story. 

High Contrast Photography

High Contrast Photography

There are various forms of street photography, one could say as many as there are individuals. Having practiced a few different genres of photography, I feel it’s one of the most challenging since we depend so much on natural light, we have no influence on subject placement, we depend on weather conditions and cannot predict what is about to unfold before our very eyes.

High Contrast Photography

With a trained eye, practice and understanding of people, a great street photographer will always get a hunch, his/her instincts, gut feeling will help anticipate, but never quite entirely.


I admit I get most pleasure when a photo is aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't always need to tell a story or challenge the viewer to find some hidden meaning.


With regards to the technical side, all my high contrast black and white photos are shot directly in black and white and 99% of the time as shot with no post-processing. I prefer the challenge of getting it right in camera plus sadly many photographers confuse high contrast with a simple increase of contrast in Photoshop, which destroys the entire subtlety and range of tones between black and white.



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