Kickass Instagram Photographers - @Goldfarmer

I come across way too much talent on IG and so recently decided to regularly feature my monthly "Kickass Instagram Photographers".

First up? 

David Pierson aka @Goldfarmer

Goldfarmer's photography actually makes me feel emotions. It's nostalgic, filled with love, beautiful everyday details, reflection/introspection... I just relate to it and unlike most photography out there... it speaks to me.

(all photos ©David Pierson aka @Goldfarmer)

NG: David I came across your work on Instagram, tell us a little about you please:

DP:  I was born and raised in Southern California but am currently residing in Seattle, WA. I've been an avid photographer since the age of six, having received formal training during my stint in the United States Navy as a Photographer's Mate.


NG: What would you describe your style as? Are you a street photographer or simply a photographer? What are you?

DP: Not really sure. There's a little bit of everything thrown in. Some of it borders on travel or lifestyle photography. Totally unintentional, by the way. I've never given it much thought.

NG: You shoot film it seems for most of your shots if not all. What are your views on film vs digital, how do each make you feel?

DP: I don't have much to contribute to that argument. I've been shooting with film since a very young age so it's really all that I know. I've also had the pleasure of shooting with some of the modern digital cameras and I would have to say that they are brilliant and far surpass film cameras on many levels. But, I suppose my preference for film could be attributed to, "order bias" more than anything.

NG: I've personally always had an issue with digital as much as I love it and it makes my life easier, sometimes cheaper too... at the end I feel there's nothing left, it's not tangible. I'm old school I like to hold a record, a photo, anything... Do you relate to this a bit... or not at all (and thinking "What are you on about mate?")

DP: Oh, I absolutely agree!  I wouldn't say that I have an aversion to digital because it definitely has its merits, convenience being one of them. I just don't get the same amount of enjoyment out of looking at a digital photo on my smart phone or computer as I do while looking at a kodachrome slide on a light box in a darkened room.

NG: How often do you go out and shoot? Do you head out with a purpose to shoot or just carry your camera everywhere in case of a chance encounter?

DP: I have a camera with me almost all the time but I never have a specific goal in mind. I've found that some of my best photographs were captured when I wasn't really looking for anything in particular. I also travel quite a bit so I get the opportunity to meet random people wherever I may be. They've all been kind enough to let me take their picture.

NG: Most people will say they shoot to tell a story or provoque emotions. Personally 90% of the time I think it's BS. But your photography really does make me feel all warm and fuzzy. What's your secret man?

DP:  I suppose if you were to embark on some sort of project, like say, a photo book or for a publication you would want to have a narrative in place in order to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Photography is a form of storytelling, after all. My secret is, caipirinhas! No, seriously.

NG: Do you actively promote your work or prefer to just let people discover you? Are you having any success with your work?

DP: I do not. I've never been comfortable with self-promotion or commodifying my work. In fact, it took a number of years for friends and colleagues to coerce me into starting an IG account. As far as success, I'm not sure how to measure that. If it means starting with 40 IG followers and now having upwards of 600...okay. The other day I checked my IG and noticed that Oprah Winfrey's hair stylist started following me and I was like, "Yes! I have finally arrived." :D

NG: The reason I wanted to feature you is you are truly the best find on IG I've come across for a very long time. Your work is unique to you and you don't try to emulate. It feels very personal. Who's your favourite IG photographer of the moment?

DP: Well, thank you! I love your work as well. There are so many great photographers on IG but I haven't extensively studied any of their work. However, there was a person I came across about a year ago who really caught my eye. They go by the title, @night.daze. They seemed to stand out more than the others I'd seen. I believe they shoot entirely on film as well.

NG: What are your plans in life or with photography? Any great master plan?

DP: I'd like to write and direct a feature film before I finally kick off. Other than that, I may consider publishing a book of my work. I've exposed well over a hundred thousand slides and negatives over the years so it would be a shame if they ended up in the landfill.

NG: Finally what would be the one single piece of advice you'd give someone wanting to become a great photographer?

DP: Don't obsess over camera gear. An expensive camera won't make you a better photographer. Some of my personal favorite shots that I've taken were on a 40-year-old Pentax that I picked up at a second hand store when I was in high school, which still works, by the way!

NG: Thanks man, I'm glad we could finally do that and proud to have you as the first in a long list of talented photographers I intend to interview!

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