Photography Talks in London

EDIT: Since writing this article I've had a disappointing experience with LCCA. From scheduling me for a talk, asking me for bio, photos, etc... they went silent and never replied to any emails. Shame as I was doing it for free. I then looked online for general reviews and feedback and well... This answered that.

I will be giving two photography talks in London this August at two London photography schools.

The first will be at the London Institute of Photography, at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, and the second at the London College of Contemporary Arts (see updated intro above).

This is really great as I missed an amazing opportunity last year to do a "TEDx" talk as I was away abroad and always had some regrets.

Until recently, I did my thing. I worked hard to get better at what I do, increased my visibility online, developed a list of regular brands I’d work with, all this to secure some stability in both work and income.

But since I’m now seeing some of my hard work pay off, at least a little, I thought it to be a good time and share that knowledge I have accumulated in the past decade. Hopefully those who are ready to listen will learn a lot.

The subject? 

How to market your photography and get your work seen by the right people.

This has always been a favourite subject of mine and I have written already many articles on this. 

It’s fascinating how taking great photos alone these days just isn’t going to guarantee success. Of course success is subjective and we all have different notions of what it represents.

A great photographer can end up with their masterpieces never seen. Sad reality.

Others are average photographers but extremely popular online, know how to create hype and generally in demand just because they know how to play the system.

Anyone can learn to use a camera without a lesson with the right attitude and drive/passion.

But digital marketing is crucial too if you want to make it big or just stand out.

And I know the tricks…