Choosing the Right London Cinemagraph Creator

When looking for a London cinemagrapher to produce cinemagraphs for your digital marketing campaign, you want to make sure they have a solid reputation and will deliver.

London Cinemagraph - Piccadilly Circus

This is what I do, without fuss, just in a friendly professional way (read my testimonials).

Currently considered as one of the best cinemagraph producers globally, I have created cinemagraphs for brands which include Peugeot, Adidas, Sky Sports, Campo Viejo wines, BeaverTown Brewery and B.O.B.'s Lobster to name a few.

Automotive Cinemagraph - Peugeot's New 208

Wine Cinemagraph - Campo Viejo Rioja

Sports Cinemagraph - Adidas

In the same way as for photography, creating a cinemagraph isn't just about having something that moves in your photo. This... anyone can do and once the novelty wears out, only the very best will stand out.

The difference between a cinemagraph that's just about ok and one that's exceptional is the same as in any creative outlet.

It requires experience, originality, passion, attention to detail (for that seamless video loop), technical knowledge, the ability to solve problems and come up with ideas and solutions. 

But moreover it requires to have an eye and no software can replace that.

Food and Drinks Cinemagraphs - London's Beavertown Brewery

This is what I offer my clients and this is why they come back to me again and again.

Finally, my background in marketing and large social media reach in excess of 100.000 mean I understand what is needed to make an impact on one's audience and great cinemagraphs are a very good start!

So take your digital marketing to the next level and contact me for a chat to find out how I can create for you the most mind blowing, mesmerizing and engaging cinemagraphs for social media, websites and advertising.