Mobile Street Photography - London Focused

Here's a job I recently did and had great fun working on whilst getting paid.

Mobile Street Photography, London being the chosen location.

I don't normally shoot that many photos with my phone, not that I don't like it but since I have a professional camera with me most of the time, it makes little sense.


However we can't always carry a heavy camera and you've all heard it: The best camera is the one you have with you. And guess what? Phones are great at always being there!

So a week before MWC 2017 in Barcelona Rockchip, my client, sent me the ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom in which their technology features heavily.

The aim? Show what can be done with its camera.

The challenge? I only had seven days to shoot 15 photos my client would like, print them and bring them for an exhibition my client was hosting at the W Hotel in Barcelona.

So armed with my new shiny phone I went where anyone with half a brain and in a rush would go: Shoreditch, East London.

There you know for sure you'll find opportunities, provided you can see and grab them.

Fast forward a week later and here I am in Barcelona with the prints being exhibitied and a crowd forming.

The feedback was excellent and the client happy.

Here are the photos:

Hope you enjoyed these street / urban photos as much as my client did and please leave me a comment!