Video Banner Loops - London

How do you make your website stand out from the crowd?

Video banner loops.

They are fresh and mesmerizing without being gimmicky and make an instant impact on the viewer, sometimes a little bored with static websites. 

I create original, seamless and usually short video loops which won't slow down websites, a crucial aspect when it comes to using video files.

They do not however feel short or repetitive but rather captivating, making it hard to look away and enticing the visitor to find out more, ultimately increasing CTR.

The video loops I create are perfect for social media campaigns, as website video backgrounds or for advertising on digital displays, the likes of which you'd find in the tube, motorways, train stations...

It also happens that with 95,000 followers on Twitter alone of which 50% are in the UK and 25% in the US, most of the campaigns I get involved in benefit from this social media boost I can offer.

The files can be offered in 4K on request but 1080p is usually enough for websites and social media, it just depends on your particular need.

Clients such as Adidas, Campo Viejo, Sky Sports, Amazon, Citroen, AEG and Peugeot have already commissioned me and I always have a good pipeline of exciting projects to look forward to.

If you are a small start-up or individual, as long as it's something fresh, please don't hesitate to contact me as I always enjoy working with people and can try fit within your more restricted budgets, provided you do have a budget.

Techniques I use include timelapse, cinemagraphs and just good old video that I blend with love to a perfect loop.

Get in touch today for a chat and let's see how I can help you.