Olympus Pen-f - Sample Images

2017 Update

After over five years using the MFT system I've sold my entire Olympus Micro Four Thirds Kit and now only use the full frame mirrorless Sony A7RII.

This decision came, since writing this article, after using both systems for a year and a half on client commissions.

Curious as to why? Read this:

Full Frame or Micro Four Thirds?

How time flies. Back in February, I started shooting urban street photography with the new Pen-F by Olympus, the latest model from the Japanese camera manufacturer.

The Pen-F is a gorgeous retro looking camera classed in the micro four thirds mirrorless family. It’s small and light (so perfect for travel), very quiet, stylish and of course is perfect for most urban things I shoot.  


On top of that the selection of high quality lenses available is huge ranging from Olympus, Panasonic, Voigtlander, Samyang and many more (read my full review of the best lenses).

In the past months I’ve really put it through its paces… even, to my horror, dropping it on the road and yet to my surprise this solid piece of kit just suffered a minor scratch after a 5ft drop. It was the first time I dropped a camera and my heart did stop for what seemed like a minute.

But all is well as it’s clearly very solid.

I have really enjoyed the monochrome mode on the Pen-F but also the colour mode as I’ve in the past year felt increasingly attracted to colour. It may be because I’ve just shot so much black and white street photography that I needed a change.

Here are some Olympus Pen-f sample images, the ones I think are my top 5 from the past few months:


The Pen-f has really brought me a lot of pleasure in the past months and I can't seem to get bored of it.

I definitely recommend this camera to anyone who does not want a huge DSLR and yet does want creative control and great image quality which it does deliver.