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This past week really was a good one.

I managed to spend Friday at the F1 practice at SilverStone with access to the Paddock Club AND got to see and hear the legendary Stevie Wonder play in Hyde Park. 

And what about photography?

Well, my article on the importance of culling photos (choosing your best photos) went slightly viral in the photography community.

First to pick it up were the lovely people at DIY Photography, soon after it was re-published by PetaPixel (being shared over 6000 times in the first 24 hours) and finally Digital Rev.

Three major photography news websites and it resulted in an incredible spike of referral traffic to my own site, lots of new followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and even print orders from my online shop.

It's a subject that isn't often discussed and I soon realised why. I'd just put my head on the chopping block as someone rightly commented. 

In other words: I released the Internet troll army who pretty much were unanimous that my photography is rubbish and how dare I therefore give people advice.

I'm glad these guys pointed it out! In reality if you don't upset the trolls you must be doing something wrong.

I'm not generally phased by online abuse as I know it comes from sad dudes who spend more time posting online abuse and crawling forums than actually being out there, taking photos, doing shit and striving to become a success. I mean... why try work hard to be successful when instead you can shit all over people hey?

So yes still a great week.

Thanks for the love people, everyone's support counts!