Architectural Photography in London

Architecture / Building photography is booming in the same way as is London's real estate.

Land Securities, UK's largest commercial property developer (they actually own the Piccadilly lights) recently got in touch with me after seeing my work.

They were particularly impressed with my minimal abstract architecture photography (of architectural detail) and famous London urban landscapes but also my ability to capture London life through my candid street photography.

Property developers usually contact me to commission a range of photography assets for residential, commercial or mixed-use property developments.

Land Securities' One New Change Building in St Paul's

Land Securities' One New Change Building in St Paul's

An increasing trend for developers is to hire versatile urban photographers who not only will know how to best capture a building’s striking architecture and stunning views but also the local community and the nearby attractions such as street markets, shopping and landmarks.

Property buyers flipping through brochures aren’t just looking to move in between four walls, they want to see and feel what the neighbourhood is like, its lifestyle, buzz and energy.

I actually believe I have the best job in the world, I get paid to do what I love.

Land Securities' Zig Zag Building in Victoria

Land Securities' Zig Zag Building in Victoria

When I shoot for a client I always aim to offer them a rich mix of assets to be used in Facebook adverts, social media updates, printed brochures, website backgrounds and ranging from architecture shots to street photography but also moving image in the form of timelapse and cinemagraphs.

This is where being a versatile photographer becomes crucial. The ability to capture professionally both buildings and people in a given area through stills and micro video content (timelapse and cinemagraphs)

The Best View of St Paul's Cathedral is from the Roof of One New Change

The Best View of St Paul's Cathedral is from the Roof of One New Change

Photographs have always been an essential part of brochures and other print advertising as well as any web-based marketing.

A lot newer, micro video content or short perfectly looped 15 second videos of timelapse or cinemagraphs, really grab your audience’s attention increasing engagement on social channels such as Instagram or Twitter.

Visit my gallery to see more of the urban architecture photography I produced for Land Securities' Nova development in Victoria and One New Change shopping centre in St Paul's.

Are you looking for a professional architectural photographer with a proven track record, who has worked with some of the biggest brands and able to deliver above and beyond?

Don’t take my word for it, see what my clients have to say about my photography work and contact me to discuss your project!