Ten Commandments of Twitter (for professionals)

Unsure how to lead a healthy relationship with social media and the online world? Why not try apply these ten commandments of Twitter for professionals I put together?


1 – Thou shalt support people and not troll or succumb to the temptation to be mean, even if deserved. It shalt be known as Twitter Karma.

2-   Thou shalt resist the urge to share negative feelings or vent frustration

3 – Thou shalt engage with people, reply, like and retweet, thereby understanding the social in social media.

4 – Thou shalt not become a Twitter stalker sending multiple tweets and DMs to your idol on a daily basis

5 – Thou shalt tweet wisely and always include a photo or GIF, link, hashtag, mention & tag relevant people

6 – Thou shalt be selective in your tweets or risk boring your audience

7 – Thou shalt not post a two part tweet to compensate for your inability to be succinct

8 – Thou shalt check for and use (whenever relevant) trending hashtags

9 – Thou shalt have a kickass bio yet NEVER using the third person, it sounds wanky

10 – Thou shalt always remember that what thou posts reflects on thou professionalism


It's not that hard to make Twitter work, follow these and you'll have Twitter success knocking at your door in no time.